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Want to learn more about people (including yourself)? Day 2

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Sun, 23rd Jun - 9.00am (Ends 17:00)

We are excited to be able to offer this INPLTA Accredited NLP Foundation Diploma over 2 weekends in June/July 2019 at Marsden Mechanics, Huddersfield.

This course is open to anyone who has an interest in understanding more about what makes human beings tick. This might be for self awareness and development or in a professional capacity.

Human beings are complex, creative and emotional beings and everything we do is dependent on our state of mind, yet very few of us learn more about our psychology.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) gives us insights into these human processes and helps us develop a sense of awareness that allows us to work positively with difference.

In a world where we focus mainly on WHAT we do this is an opportunity to explore more about HOW we do it. How our perceptions, feelings and emotions influence our behaviour, the way we interact with others and ultimately the success of the whatever we’re doing.

NLP offers us practical ideas, tools and techniques that can help us to;

  • understand and manage ourselves better

  • understand and communicate better with others

  • get clearer about the things we want in life

Highly practical and easy to learn, we’ll use real world examples and give you plenty of time to practise the skills and approaches that can be the difference that makes the difference in everything you do. This is a course about exploring subjective human experience and not about process and procedure.

Delivered by Eddie & Deb Mullany of Roots2Reality. Eddie is an INLPTA certified Trainer of NLP and Deb is an NLP Practitioner. We have extensive experience of working across sectors in Health & Social Care, Education, Prisons & rehabilitation in frontline services and management for the last 25 years.